How can I help this wiki

There are several things you can do to help. We would like to have the Howtos page, and FAQs page translated to as many languages as possible so we can provide support to as many users all over the world as possible.

We are currently moving to using the Category tags on the wiki to help organize things. Links to the old how to page are being removed as often as possible. If your language is not on this page then you need to make sure its added by using the Category tags in the content. If you need help doing this please look at how we have the section done, or contact me at errr [AT] errr-online [DOT] com.

How can I help fluxbox

Because fluxbox is under constant development, the community can always be helped with bug reports concearning the current development versions. Such bug reports should consist of information about your system including your fluxbox version, a way to reproduce the bug, and your contact information (if everything else is well written you can pretty much skip the contact stuff). Such bugreports should be submitted to

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