How to work the bots

The main bot in the room is fbot. When fbot is on holiday or what ever, computer is there as a backup. Both bots have very similar syntax. To ask them a question address them:

fb0t: styles?

fbot will respond with a list of websites that you can visit to download new styles. That syntax is identical for computer, and in most cases fbot and computer give the same info, but in other cases they do not. You can also use:


and this will trigger fbot but not computer to avoid being flooded by bots. computers trigger for not addressing it is:


fbot has a handy search feature that computer did not have, if you are looking for things fbot knows about startup but aren't sure of the keyword, you can use:

 fb0t: keyword search background

and fbot will give you a list of keywords with 'background' in their name. Additionally you can address the bots in a private message.

If something fbot or computer tells you is a broken or dead link, or the info is just totally wrong, please inform someone in the room who can correct it; like errr, hnaz, dopey, meltir, or one of the developers


See the factoids page for the whole list of fbot's keywords!

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