Don't ask to ask

Do not ask if anyone can help you or if you're allowed to ask a question. Just ask and wait. This is freenode, so don't expect people to be available 24/7; they will answer when back from lunch or someone else helps you out. #fluxbox is a community driven channel.

Add as much relevant information as you can provide

Explain what you did

Be polite

You are searching for help, people are trying to help you for free. Keep that in mind.

Don't repeat yourself

No one responding is not a bad sign. Maybe you just entered the channel to a wrong time. So ask and wait, someone will read it and give you an aswer. Even though that anser might take some time. Remember you're on freenode. Stay and wait if you have the chance.

Answer the questions people ask you

Some might need additional informations to help you and you should offer them, so listen closely.


People might direct you to the wiki and/or to the manual, so do what they tell you and go and read. Don't expect anyone to spoon-feed you.

Do not flood the channel - use a pastebin

if you have more time read How to get useful help on IRC and the source of all

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