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What is fluxMenu?

Fluxmenu is a menu editor for fluxbox that allows you to edit your menu easily in a nice gui. It is still under development, but the current version supports almost everything you will need :) If you have questions, just contact the developer, Zan at #fluxbox.

fluxmenu is coded in python and depends on pygtk 2.6 I think and libglade. Of course python too, it is tested on python2.4

Where can I get it?

You can either download the latest package available from the home page (Check the menu on the right for Downloads). Here is a direct link to the current version.

Then just uncompress it with

$ tar -zxvf fluxMenu-24.tar.gz

and run the program with python fluxMenu.py

If you want the bleeding edge version with all features, you can get it from the Subversion repository like this:

$ svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/fluxmenu/trunk fluxmenu && cd fluxmenu

And then run it like always, python fluxMenu.py

I suggest you to run chmod a+x fluxMenu.py so you can leave the python out and just run it with ./fluxMenu.py

How do I install it?

At the moment there is no installer. Please do not even try, because it probably wont even work... Or maybe it works if you copy the directory under /usr/local/ and then crate a symlink like ln -s /usr/local/fluxMenu/fluxMenu.py /usr/local/bin/fluxmenu but I don't guarantee anything.

How do I use it?

Just run the program and it should load your menu. Select the item you want to edit from the tree on the left and on the toolbar are items for adding new submenus and new items and separators etc... When you click the Save -button, your menu gets updated, so just right-click on desktop and you should see the menu and easily correct any errors.

Can I help?

Of course, help is always needed :) I've already got some patches/ideas on email. Please feel free to send anything that relates to fluxmenu to me, email is on the official page or just come chat with me on #fluxbox.

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