How to get Icons on the desktop using fbdesk

For Debian and deb based distros

 # apt-get install fbdesk

On Fedora

 yum install fbdesk

On Gentoo

 # emerge fbdesk

Compile it from source:

 $ ./configure (--help   to check all options)
 $ make
 $ make check (optional)
 $ su - root
 # make install


It only requires libpng.


Well, fbdesk displays the default icon at 64 64, the first time is run, we can right click on the icon, to set its properties

 Icon menu
 Set command
 Set label
 New icon
 Delete icon
 Text alpha:  0
 Icon alpha:  255
 Reload config
 Exit FbDesk

Usually, fbdesk auto-detects the style being used, but we can make it faster adding the following command to ~/.fluxbox/startup:

 fbdesk -rc ~/.fluxbox/init &

And we can add the following settings to ~/.fluxbox/init:

 fbdesk.iconFile:   (default: ~/.fluxbox/fbdesk.icons)
 fbdesk.font:  (default: fixed)
 fbdesk.textColor:    (default: black)
 fbdesk.snapX:  (default: 5)
 fbdesk.snapY:  (default: 5)