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This wiki is not really a wiki anymore, now its a Github Pages powered static HTML site. If you wish to contribute please follow the github workflow.

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To get the fluxbox source you can visit the fluxbox home page. Make sure you are downloading the development version. If you are having trouble downloading the stable version, you can visit the troubleshoot page. Many people often want the 'stable' version but the fluxbox development version is very stable and is the only version which is being worked on so finding support for problems you run into with the 'stable' version, such as build problems, will not be supported ('stable' is over 3 years old..). If you do not want to build your version from source you need to download a package for your distro. Take a look at the packages page to find a package for your distro.

The #fluxbox channel on the Freenode network is the official IRC channel for fluxbox.

Why yes there is. For the english version please see: The FAQs